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In a Flaska, the glass and bottle cap come in contact with the water. For both components, we have a certificate that they meet the medical standards in the relevant field:


Flaska is an innovative product for which we have obtained Patent No. 23318 at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. The Flaska brand is copyrighted in the countries in which the product is sold.


Flaska is an environmentally friendly product, which is confirmed by the calculated carbon footprint and the certificate of organically produced cotton used for Flaska Organic.


General questions:

Q: Flaska is made of glass. Can it break?

A: Flaska is made from thick glass and is protected by a special protective sleeve. This makes it very resistant and will survive most everyday drops and accidents.

Q: Does the Flaska bottle cap provide a good seal?

A: The Flaska bottle cap provides the perfect seal. In case of wear or if it is destroyed or lost please contact us here or via private messages on Facebook (lookup "Flaska Ireland") and we will send you a new one for free (postage may apply).

Q: How big is Flaska and how much does it weigh?

A: The height and weight of individual Flaska sizes including the protective neoprene sleeve:

  • Flaska 0.5l – height 27cm, weight 508g
  • Flaska 0.75l – height 30cm, weight 667g

Give a Personalised Flaska Bottle

Give your friends, business partners or employees an original gift:

  • We offer personalisation of our Flaska bottles with your or your friend's name, your company logo or a full custom design
  • We can print names/logos on a sock or engrave them onto the cap
  • We offer non-binding custom graphic design preview of your Flaska bottle free of charge
  • We offer very short delivery times due to production in Slovenia (up to 100 pieces within 7–15 working days from order confirmation, over 100 pieces within 10–25 business days from order confirmation)
  • For name printing on single bottles the delivery time is about two weeks, so please keep that in mind when placing the order
  • Free delivery with orders over €150 for business customers
  • Flaska is manufactured in Slovenia, EU!
  • The one and only Flaska – the water bottle with a difference
  • Gift packaging is also available

Personalised Logo Flaska

Flaska is the perfect gift both for individual customers and businesses and organizations, which are aware of the importance of sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It has a highly useful and symbolic value. It is a gift that will not simply be put aside by the recipient but will be used regularly. On the symbolic level, Flaska symbolises care for health and the environment.

Water Structuring

Glass programmed using the TPS procedure restructures the water in the bottle.*

On its way from the spring to the tap, water travels through long straight pipes made from different materials — lead, asbestos, plastic, etc. This is not water’s natural environment, as water normally flows across different types of rock and through different layers of soil. Substances with which water comes into contact have a vibrational effect on the water, and this vibrational effect can be imprinted onto it for a certain period of time — coherent domains of water molecules resonate with this vibration for a longer period of time[1]. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a longer period of time.

With the Flaska bottle, we bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment - this is called water structuring. Using TPS (technology of programming silicon), a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature is imprinted into the glass.

The Story About Flaska and the Strawberries

I started with strawberry cultivation in 1993. In 2003 I heard about the technology that improves the structure of water and immediately decided to test it. Before, I had spent much of the time dealing with soil (analysis and balanced improvements), but never thought about water. Even though every strawberry contains 89% of it!

First strawberry harvest

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