The Story About Flaska and the Strawberries |

The Story About Flaska and the Strawberries

I started with strawberry cultivation in 1993. In 2003 I heard about the technology that improves the structure of water and immediately decided to test it. Before, I had spent much of the time dealing with soil (analysis and balanced improvements), but never thought about water. Even though every strawberry contains 89% of it!

First strawberry harvest


Water structuring was supposed to be a process that turns ordinary water back to water that has a structure similar to spring water. It penetrates the cell membranes easier and faster and offers better nourishment to living organisms. ‘’Let’s give it a try,’’ I said to myself. I watered one half of the field with the so-called structured water and the other half with ordinary water. I recorded the results from the first day on. For a month and a half there were no visible differences and I started to doubt the whole process.

Then came the harvest, and we finally noticed the difference that water made. Strawberries watered with structured water were definitely firmer. The fruit’s durability was prolonged by one day.The yield was greater by more than18 % than on the part watered with ordinary water and the plants were much more vigorous after the season and were less affected by diseases.

Strawberries watered with ordinary water
Strawberries watered with structured water

The results were amazing! I can still remember my excitement when I thought about what the possibilities this hardly known technology offered. Water is everywhere! For the next six years I tested and observed the structured water’s influences on strawberries in different circumstances. The results kept surprising me and I became more and more convinced that it wasn’t merely a psychological thing, but an actual technology that worked on physical principles. I turned from a sceptic into an advocate of the technology.

In 2009 I started with a new challenge: water improvement. I realised that structured water was relatively unknown although the technology had been in existence for 80 years at least. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger (1885–1958) was the pioneer of this technology. Searching for an appropriate product I first ran into a brick wall, but after a year and a half of searching I finally found it: Flaska was born!

In November 2009 a test run was made and after an extremely positive feedback we started regular production. Flaska entered the market on 10 March 2010 and was enthusiastically accepted. Now 150.000 of satisfied users are showing us that we are on right track. I really enjoy doing something that makes other people’s lives better. This feeling gets even better since we help people to take care of the environment as well.

Time has come for a new turning point in 2015. One of the bigger ones. If we have so far focused exclusively on Flaska, we realized that the time had come to capture our vision more broadly – to become the world's leading manufacturer of programmable products for an active, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Thus in August 2015, we presented the world’s first – Doggy Flaska. Doggy Flaska is a programmed bowl for dogs, from which they can drink structured water. The bowl is programmed through the TPS2 process, which is adapted to a dog’s needs.

Maks Vrečko
Team Flaska

Water Structuring on the Strawberry Fields
The Last Harvest
First Flaska From the Test Run

Meet Flaska - The Programmed Glass Water Bottle

Water structuring with Flaska