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General questions:

Q: Flaska is made of glass. Can it break?

A: Flaska is made from thick glass and is protected by a special protective sleeve. This makes it very resistant and will survive most everyday drops and accidents.

Q: Does the Flaska bottle cap provide a good seal?

A: The Flaska bottle cap provides the perfect seal. In case of wear or if it is destroyed or lost please contact us here or via private messages on Facebook (lookup "Flaska Ireland") and we will send you a new one for free (postage may apply).

Q: How big is Flaska and how much does it weigh?

A: The height and weight of individual Flaska sizes including the protective neoprene sleeve:

  • Flaska 0.5l – height 27cm, weight 508g
  • Flaska 0.75l – height 30cm, weight 667g
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